Science A (7th Grade)
(53) Life and Physical Sciences
(237) Science (grade 7)
(G) General or Regular
6th Grade Science
This course is the first in a two-course sequence. In this course students explore: The Foundations of Science, Energy, The Earth and it’s features, The Earth’s internal and external structures and how they change, The Earth’s history, living things and how they change and interact, Genetics and Heredity, and The Organization of the living world. Some of these topics are introduced and serve as a foundation for later coursework and others are discussed in detail. Students will learn through real world examples and virtually visit six different continents to see science in action all over the world. Students will participate in activities and online laboratory experiences to apply what they have learned.
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to navigate an online course while exploring specific science concepts; apply the scientific method while investigating science concepts in geology, biology and ecology; and create a online project to address in detail one topic that has been learned.

Foundations of science


The Earth and it's features

Earth's internal and external structures and how they change

Earth's history

Living things and how they change and interact

Genetics and heredity

Organization of the living world

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